Backlinks Indexer Honest Review – Rank On Google’s First Page Within 3 Weeks..

Update: I created this site on 08/19/2013, today is 09/12/2013(3 Weeks), as you can see I’m already on the first page of Google by using a backlinks indexer as part of my link building strategy… 

Hallo and welcome, thanks for visiting my website. I’m sure you mainly want to know if using a backlinks indexer is worth it, and you don’t want to go through the trouble of spending time and money to test which one is actually worth it. That’s where I come in with my short backlinks indexer review, to be realistic I can’t guarantee that you’ll rank top 3 or on the first page within 3 weeks, but what I can do is give you my personal experience with the indexer I’m about to show you. I’ve used this backlinks indexer on this website and within one week of using it my page jumped to the first page. Experience may vary for you because SEO has so many factors.

backlinks indexerUsing one as part of your SEO backlinking strategy plays a role in your ranking, but truth be told I have ranked sites without it.

Why should you bother using a backlinks indexer, and more importantly the right one? The theory is the more backlinks you have pointing to one of your backlinks, the higher the chance that it will be indexed, therefore you want the one which builds the most links to your backlinks, which also makes it one of the more expensive ones. It’s true that quality content counts allot but quality content with backlinks counts even more. Ontop of using quality content(it should be readable, grammatically correct etc.) for your backlinks the amount and quality of the backlinks pointing to your backlink counts allot.

So thanks for listening to my short backlinks indexer review and without further ado the backlinks indexer I’ve used on this website that made it jumped to the first page within a week of using it is just here below, With the 5 day free trail package they will build 20,000 backlinks to your backlinks per month. I have not found another that builds this amount. Depending on the quantity of backlinks you have to index a different package might suit you better…

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